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Oct 22, 2019· I probably killed the first elk taken with the .300 SAUM using a Model Seven AWR on the Middle Fork of Idaho's Salmon River. In 2008, Remington announced the .270 and .300 WSM in the AWR II — a Custom Shop rifle, per the first AWR, the Lightweight and the laminate-stocked Mannlicher.

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300 WSM Rifles for Sale. The 300 WSM (Winchester Short Mag) is used for big game hunting, including moose, black and brown bear, deer, and elk. It is a great asset for long-range hunting that requires shots with a flat trajectory. Its ballistic performance is nearly the same as the 300 Winchester Magnum, but it can be used in a lighter rifle ...

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The .300 WSM is also used in benchrest shooting. The .300 WSM has a standard bullet diameter of .308 or 7.62mm and takes advantage of the numerous bullet options available in that caliber. Warnings. The 300 WSM is a Delta L problem cartridge, meaning it can present

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The .300 WSM was the first of Winchesters short magnum family, released in 2001. Remington released their 7mm and .300 short action ultra magnums in the same year and a year later, Winchester released the 7mm and .270 WSM cartridges. Inspired by wildcat experiments, the Dakota cartridges and especially the John Lazzeroni cartridges of the late ...

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More Items Related to Remington Model 7, 300 WSM Great gun for packing, light and short Barrel is threaded for muzzle break Leupold 6.5-20-50 scope. Good long range optics I …

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300 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) Load Data. 125 Grain. 150 - 155 Grain. 165 - 168 Grain. 175 - 180 Grain. 190 Grain. 200 Grain. 210 Grain.

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Jan 12, 2006· I have shot my Model 7 next to a 300 WSM Browning Titanium, and the Model 7 outperformed the Titanium by about 50 fps with similar weight bullets (175 SMK in Model 7 and 180 NBT in WSM). HOWEVER, with 165s the WSM will outpace my Model 7, but my Sendero shoots 165s at 3241 with RP factory rounds, 9 rounds 0.79" @ 100 yd.

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Remington 700 SPS Stainless Steel 300 WSM. New In Box. Part Number:7255. Remington 300 Winchester Short Mag Special Purpose Synthetic w/Stainless Ba The Model 700 SPS stainless (special purpose synthetic) offers everything you love about the legendary model 700. From the rock solid receiver design to the famous three rings of steel.

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The compact Model Seven handles with lightning speed in the brush, yet still has the accuracy for the long shots. This model features a 20" stainless steel barrel and an all weather composite stock. Specifications and Features: Remington 85905.300 …

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Remington Model Seven in .300 WSM Description: A really nice Remington Model Seven in .300 Winchester Short Magnum. With a stainless barrel and action plus a composite stock this rifle is designed to take the weather. In the versatile .300 Winchester Short Magnum it is capable of taking all of the large game animals on the North American Continent.

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Apr 15, 2021· Though Winchester advertises a 24″ long barrel and a 7.25 pound overall weight for each cartridge in this particular Model 70, the rifle chambered in 300 WSM is 1/2″ shorter overall. So, while the rifle chambered in 300 WSM is not significantly lighter, it's a tiny bit shorter and handier.

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Nov 20, 2017· Been looking at a Remington Model 7 stainless, is 300 WSM. Forgetting about recoil and the incredible amount of muzzle blast, what would that do to velocity? I'd love to have such a handy rifle, but wouldn't that short of a barrel put it more on par with a 30-06 or 308 load?

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The Remington Model 7 has 3 different flavors to choose from and each one is under $1000 These guns are chambereda in 270 WSM,7mm Remington,300 WSM,350 Remington,204 Ruger,223 Remington,22 250 Remington,243 Win, 260 Remigton The first time

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Remington Model Seven Stainless Steel Rifle -When you match this handy design with some of the hardest-hitting calibers known to big game – the short action magnum cartridges – you need a longer barrel. Thus, Model Seven rifles in these chamberings have a 20 magnum contour barrel.

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Major rifle and ammunition manufacturers have supported the .300 WSM and presently Remington have also adopted the .300 WSM in their M700 rifle line, the .300 SAUM barely surviving as a chambering for the model 7 rifle. Performance The .300 SAUM is a potent cartridge, whether chambered in the 22" barreled Model 7 or longer barreled rifles.

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Product Details. Manufacturer #: 85905 Manufacturer: Remington Model Series: Model 7 Stainless Steel Synthetic Type: Rifle: Bolt Action Caliber: 300WSM Finish: Stainless Steel Action: Bolt Action Stock: Black Synthetic Stock Capacity: 3+1 Sights: No Sights Barrel Length: 20 Overall Length: 39.25 Weight: 6.5 lbs Features: Light Contour Barrel, Hinged Floor Plate Extra Features: X-Mark Pro ...

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Caliber 300 WSM: Barrel Length 24" Overall Length 44" Length of Pull 13 1/2" Drop at Comb 9/16" Drop at Heel 7/8" Weight 7 lbs 4 oz: Magazine Capacity 3: Twist Rate 10" Chamber Finish Polished: Magazine Type Hinged Floorplate: MSRP $837

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Remington 700 SPS Stainless, Bolt Action, .300 WSM, 24" Barrel, 3+1 Rounds. Item currently sold out. Be the first to write a review! 634011. Quick View.

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Caliber 300 WSM: Barrel Length 24" Overall Length 44" Length of Pull 13 3/4" Drop at Comb 9/16" Drop at Heel 1 3/16" Weight 7 lbs 12 oz: Magazine Capacity 3: Twist Rate 10" Chamber Finish Polished: Magazine Type Hinged Floorplate: MSRP $810

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Remington Model 7 XCR 300 WSM. Buchanan Sask · 1000.00. Remington Model 7 XCR 300 WSM. Trynite coating on stainless. Jewelled bolt. Weighs 6.5 lbs. 22in barrel. Only 120 rounds fired through this gun. Scope not included in sale.

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7 mm remington magnum model 700 bdl in the 200 th. year anniversary lots gold super wood in box - 7mm rem. mag. $3,000.00: 0 $3,000.00 1d 11h 29m 17165407

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Remington Model 7 has a front locking and a two-lug action along with a bolt lift. The barrel of the gun is free floating and has a short lock time. Its receiver is machined through bar stock while the recoil rug is a steel washer, which is inserted between the steel and the barrel of the rifle.

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Description: Remington Model Seven, 300 WSM, stainless steel, 20" barrel, synthetic stock, Leopold style silver bases, overall condition 99%. SOLD. See all listings by. Double L's Shooting Print this listing. Click Photo to Enlarge. Guns International #: 101393456.